February 16, 2010




Chiquitos Preschool is wonderful. My 3 year old daughter started school here in January and I cannot say enough good things about our experience. The director, Luly Calleros, is organized, knowledgeable, warm, and caring. What´s more, her passion for the children´s education extends beyond what other schools offer in terms of academics. Equally important, it is clear that Luly also cares deeply about the growth and development of each child as social, emotional, thinking individuals, and her passion and caring permeate the school and are evident in every aspect of its´ management.

The school is clean and bright and my daughter is learning so many wonderful things each day. She is having fun and making friends but is learning so much more than we expected at the same time. She is learning real-world skills such as how to wash dishes and put her own coat on and is also preparing for academic success through science, music, art, reading and writing. Chiquitos is a Spanish immersion school but the children do not do Spanish. They do everything through Spanish and this way they learn better and more naturally, negotiating play and asking the teachers for what they need without room to resist the language.

 I am very impressed with the genuine academic rigor with which the children learn. At the same time, my daughter comes home singing in Spanish and wanting to “play school”. The curriculum allows for students to approach challenges with love, support, and solid expectations. I can see my daughter´s critical thinking skills, self-help skills, literacy skills, and self-confidence growing beyond my highest expectations. I highly recommend Chiquitos Preschool to anyone who is serious about their children´s success not just in school but also in life.




Gianna Mrozek

Joshua is a Second Grade Student who takes Spanish after school classes at Chiquitos Bilingual Montessori.


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